Man with laptop and facemask
Man with laptop and facemask

There has been a lot of conversation in recent years about the fourth industrial revolution and how it is shaping the future of work all over the world. Terms like virtual reality (VR), remote working, artificial intelligence and machine learning have not only become familiar, they are fast becoming our everyday reality. Essentially forming fundamental parts of our lives.

However, there are few questions that everyone seems not to ask — how will this new trend affect Africa? And how equipped are African youths in this new trend?

Let’s take a look at some of these new trends.

Current Trends Shaping the Future of Work

Some of…

Do I really need it? Is it truly beneficial? how safe will my business data be once I adopt it? Okay, now that I am thinking about using it, how do I go about it? with my little to no knowledge, what do I do?

The questions above are some of those that small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) find confusing when it comes to the adoption of open source solutions for their businesses.

Many small to medium scale business owners in Africa do not even know what open source solutions are or their potential benefits. The few who are…

How often do you see Wikipedia on the search result page when you do an online search? Your answer would probably be “every time”, “often” or “most of the time”. That is how powerful open source applications can be.

Now let us put that in proper context.

Wikipedia has 53,076,371 as of April 5, 2021. The English version alone has 6,281,990 articles, and well over 3.54 billion words. This volume is way more than any that has ever been put together by any private organization.

With its army of volunteers contributing globally, the number of pages on Wikipedia can only…

Certainly, 2020 was not what we all thought it would be in terms of business and investment. However, 2021 is already changing the tide and turning a new leaf. The 2021 investment climate has, so far, been encouraging in Africa.

No other place has this been more evident than among African start-up companies. The month of March 2021 stands out in particular.

In March, we all woke up to the news that Flutterwave had become a billion-dollar company (Unicorn). In quick succession, Nigeria’s fintech company, Kuda, also raised investment capital worth $25 million. …

It all started with Flutterwave being valued at over a billion dollars. While we were still basking in that euphoria, more news came — that Kuda had raised $25 million in investor capital. Almost in quick succession, Kwik also raised $1.7 million in Venture Capital. For many African startup companies, there is no better news in the month of March 2021.

Well, this is not the first time an African startup will be involved in such a big-money deal. Lest we forget that Paystack was acquired in 2020 by Stripe in a deal worth $200 million. Similarly, Visa bought a…

Your skillset might be something you like to brag about. Maybe only a handful of your co-workers can even boast of such skills (luckily, you might even be the only one). Perhaps, it always comes in handy every time your organization needs that niche expertise. It saves your organization money, solves numerous clients’ problems, and makes your organization have an edge over its close competitors.

Congratulations, you are top-notch. You are exactly what every 21st-century organization craves.

But if that is not your situation, you might just find your current position under threat and on the brink of losing your…

Today, inclusivity in the workplace has become a major point of discussion in every sector and industry. Companies that have achieved considerable gender inclusivity usually consider this a major milestone. They become reference points and models for other organisations that are trying to bridge the gender gap.

Globally, women are under-represented in the tech industry and other fields relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), for African women, the situation is even more alarming.

A combination of factors has made women’s involvement in the African tech space limited for years. …

From the promise of electric cars to the prospects of self-driving cars, technology seems to always have a new card every single day. If you are reading this, you’re either doing that from the screen of your sleek mobile device or from your portable bag-sized laptop. There is the possibility of you having a smartwatch strapped to your hand too.

Do you love football? Then you should be familiar with the Champions League. But if you would rather see a movie, you are almost certain to know Netflix and Showmax.

The point we are trying to make here is this…

Regress or progress? This is a really straightforward question we all definitely have a simple answer to — progress for sure. But to the individual who is faced with a career decision, the answer might just not be straightforward.

Just like when making other life decisions, choosing a career path is usually tough, thoughtful, and at the same time, time-consuming. In most instances, an individual is usually covered up in the clouds of doubts at the early stages. Doubts that stem from conflicting ideas and contrasting thoughts.

The reasons for this kind of confusion are not far-fetched. They arise from…

You have probably been hearing the word “data science” more often in the past few months or even years. But, somehow, you still find it hard to fully understand what data science means. You keep asking yourself questions like — what is data science? What does it mean? Is it that important?

Maybe you have even gone past the early stages, but ask yourself how valuable data science is. Trust me, you are not alone. This article will help answer most of your doubts and confusion about data science. We will start by explaining what data science is.

What is Data Science?

Data science…


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